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5.1" x 8.3", 76 pages, 2 per pack, hardcover watercolor book x2

  • Product Code: 1948526641240
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  • Perfectly Textured – Minimizes spotting and provides control over pigments and watercolors
  • Heavyweight Paper – Cold-pressed and designed to withstand many washes without damage
  • Fade-Resistant – Each 100% acid-free sheet preserves the vibrancy of your artwork
  • Storage Space – Includes an expandable inner pocket for added convenience

Having a reliable, portable, and high-quality 5.1 x 8.3 hardcover watercolor book is a luxury every visual artist deserves. Our hardcover watercolor book (2- Pack) is ideal for artists of every level, from beginner to professional. The perfectly textured paper that fills your hardcover watercolor books minimizes spotting and provides control over pigmentation. Our acid-free, non-toxic, fade-resistant paper preserves the vibrancy of your work effortlessly. The hardcover watercolor books in this 2-pack feature a small storage space; an expandable inner pocket added for your convenience.

The heavyweight paper in each hardcover watercolor paint book is cold-pressed and designed to withstand many washes without damage. While we call it our hardcover watercolor book, don‘t feel restraint to just using watercolor in these durable paper books. Feel comfortable to paint with gouache, ink, acrylic and tempera paint. Our long-lasting, sturdy, watercolor books have got all of your paint wants, needs, and desires covered. Order yours to see for yourself!

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