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75 ml tube acrylic expert artist paint - set of 12

  • Product Code: 752145137778
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  • Rich, Vivid Color - Highly pigmented to produce true, consistent shades
  • Ideal for Canvas Painting - Fade-resistant with excellent lightfastness
  • Mix Media - Works on any dry surface
  • Packed in a Sturdy Box - Keeps your paints organized and accessible

This expert grade acrylic artist paint set of 12 is the perfect addition to any intermediate to expert level artist‘s collection. While expert, the acrylic is approachable enough for an artist with a basic understanding of acrylic paint, yet the expert level quality that all professional artist‘s desire. Our rich, vivid, highly pigmented acrylic paint is known for its excellent permanency and lightfastness. No need to worry after your creation is complete; this acrylic expert artist paint won‘t fade or yellow over time.

This acrylic paint works as mixed media on any dry surface. Our acrylic expert artist paints are packed in a sturdy, professional, and sleek box to keep your paints organized and accessible. This acrylic paint set is easily transportable making it ideal for college level art students, traveling professional artists, and any artist who commutes regularly. Even if you aren‘t a frequent traveler, this smart storage will be useful for keeping your acrylics organized and safe at home and/or in your studio. Order your expert level acrylic artist paint today to see the immediate upgrade your paintings have been longing for.

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