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9 "x 12", 30 sheets, set of 2 sheets, children's watercolor painting board

  • Product Code: 35497279502
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  • Heavyweight - 135 lb / 200 gsm for just the right amount of absorbency
  • Glue Bound - For easy page detachment
  • Acid-Free - To prevent the deterioration of colors
  • Versatile - Ideal for watercolor techniques but also good for mixed media

Let the imagination of your children run free with this Kids‘ Watercolor Pad!

This heavyweight paper is capable of easily withstanding multiple washes of color, providing just the right amount of absorption for your needs. Your paints will not cause the sheets to warp or buckle--the toothy surface will prevent water and paint from pooling in any one spot.

Each page is bound together with a non-toxic glue to create this art pad. This makes for easy page detachment--your masterpieces can be easily removed from the pad while experiencing no damage to your imagination.

These sheets have a pH level above 7, making them totally acid-free. This means that your colors won‘t deteriorate over time and will look great from the first application and beyond.

This acid-free nature conforms to ACMI regulations and as such, this watercolor pad is AP Certified non-toxic. It has undergone extensive testing by a toxicologist and a medical expert to guarantee that there is nothing harmful or injurious to humans, including children.

This art pad is good for more than just watercolor painting! These pages are also optimized for mixed media. The heavyweight pages are designed to withstand a variety of different media and will take you wherever your imagination leads.

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