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A set of 14 flash gel pens

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  • Vivid Color Shades – Add sparkle to your art or writing projects with vivid shades that range from bright green and yellow to gray and green.
  • Smear-Free Drying – These glitter gel ink pens add colorful effects without fading, smearing, smudging or skipping.
  • Ergonomic Barrel – Get a grip, literally, with the easy-to-grip ergonomic barrel of these glitter gel ink pens.
  • Acid-Free – Color in large portions of a page or create glittery fine lines with these gel ink pens that are non-toxic and acid-free.

Glitter gel ink pens make writing, doodling, coloring, drawing, sketching, and illustrating more enjoyable. This set of 14 glitter gel ink pens includes vivid color shades in: red, orange, yellow, green, teal, light blue, blue, dark blue, purple, raspberry, magenta, burnt orange, black, and silver. This wide range of colors in unique shades makes creating original works of art easy. The ink in each refillable glitter gel ink pen is plentiful.

Our glitter gel ink pens are quick-drying and smear free. These glitter gel ink pens add colorful effects without fading, skipping, smudging, or smearing. The ink featured has an incredibly fast drying time, making these glitter gel ink pens optimal for writers, artists, creators, and students. The ink featured in our glitter gel ink pens, set of 14, is completely non-toxic and acid-free; now, artists and writers of all ages can work with top of the line glitter ink gel pens.

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