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A set of 60 permanent markers, black, pointy x14

  • Product Code: 1978065387608
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Stock Up or Resupply - This bulk set is a smart supply item for classrooms, offices, or homes
  • Waterproof Marks -Write on plastic cups, glass, notebooks, folders, fabrics & metals with smear-proof, fade-resistant ink
  • Your Go-To Tool - Label T-shirts, school lunches, back packs, sweaters, jars, & food storage containers; it's also great for covering scuff marks on shoes or belts
  • Quick-Drying - Get more ink on the surface than on your hands with marks that dry quickly for a clean finish

Stock up or resupply with this bulk set of 60 fine tipped, black, permanent markers. S permanent markers are a necessity for most classrooms, offices, businesses, and homes, it only makes sense to stock up with this bulk set, for an affordable rate. Our permanent markers feature German, quick-drying ink that leaves waterproof marks on almost all surfaces. The quick-drying ink makes this ideal permanent marker for left handed and enthusiastic artists and writers. Write on plastic, glass, fabrics, cardboard, and more with the smear-proof and fade-resistant ink in the permanent markers in this set of 60.

The fine tip on each permanent marker included in this set makes writing and drawing with precision easy! These black, permanent markers will become your go-to writing utensil for labeling. Label t-shirts, school lunches, backpacks, sweatshirts, jars, food storage containers, and notebooks with these well-crafted permanent markers. The long-lasting permanent markers in this set are also perfect for covering scuff marks on shoes, belts, or bags. Order your next favorite permanent marker set today!

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