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Acrylic Painter's Joy Pack 3

  • Product Code: 1938575196248
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  • Vibrant Colors - Experience a wide array of colors brimming with rich, vivid pigments
  • High Lightfast Ratings - All of our acrylic paints feature the highest lightfast ratings, meaning that your colors will withstand the test of time
  • Heavyweight Paper - The 246 lb (400 gsm) Acrylic Pad can withstand multiple washes of acrylic or oil paint

A Perfect Set - 60 vibrant Acrylic Colors in 22 ml tubes and 2 heavyweight 11x14" Acrylic Pads with 16 sheets each

This revolutionary acrylic paint set is an impressive addition to any artist‘s collection. Acrylic Painter‘s Delight Bundle includes 60 sensational acrylic colors in 22 ml tubes and 2 heavyweight 11"x14" acrylic pads of 16 sheets of acid-free painting paper. The paper in both the acrylic and oil paper pads are built strongly to withstand multiple washes of acrylic and/or oil paint. This heavyweight paper was designed to showcase the vibrancy of your paintings —it will not dull, fade, or yellow over time.

Each acrylic paint tube is carefully checked to make sure it meets or exceeds our high standards of product quality. Our acrylic paint tubes are easily squeezed and thus will dispense the precise amount of paint you desire every time. Unlike most acrylic paints, ours are clearly labeled with: the color name, lightfastness rating, transparency level, color number, and pigment number. With every brush stroke, you‘ll be glad you made this purchase. Add this acrylic paint set to your cart today.

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