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Acrylic painter's supply bundle X2

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  • Bundle Includes - 1 set of 14 Acrylic Paints in 120 ml pouches and 1 pack of 12 8x10 inch stretched canvases
  • Rich Buttery Paint - These acrylic paints have a buttery texture that holds brush strokes and spreads beautifully dense pigments
  • Premium Paint - These Acrylic Paints have the highest rating of Lightfastness, come with individually printed with all pigment information, and adhere to AP Certification
  • Prepared Canvases - 8x10 inch canvases are made from 100% cotton and stretched over wooden frames. The canvas is primed and ready to use with Acrylic Paint

Cohesive acrylic painter‘s supply bundle is a guaranteed home run for all visual artists. Our acrylic paint set includes 14 premium acrylic paints, as well as 12 stretched canvases measuring to 8"x10". Each 120 ml pouch of acrylic paint is filled with our trustworthy, buttery, rich acrylic paint formula. The wide range of colors in this set of 14 acrylic paints is diverse enough to compliment every artist‘s visions. This premium acrylic paint is just as vibrant as it is pigmented. With the highest rating of lightfastness, our acrylic paint is sure to bring your ideas to life on our gesso primed canvases.

Each 100% cotton canvas in this set of 12 is stretched over wooden frames, making them ready to display your artwork as soon as you‘ve finished painting. These stretched canvases are incredibly sturdy so they can easily withhold the weight of our dense acrylic paint. Our set of 26 top-shelf, quality acrylic painter‘s supply bundle sells fast, order yours today!

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