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Dry erase marker set 52, chisel head, 12 different colors x12

  • Product Code: 1404572074072
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  • 12 Bright Colors - This bulk pack of 52 includes 12 unique shades; easily differentiate information and add variety to your notes
  • Wipes Away Easily - Use a damp cloth or dry eraser to get a clean surface every time; won‘t leave behind ghosting marks
  • Versatile Chisel Tip - Create either thick or thin lines by simply adjusting the angle of the tip
  • AP Certified Non-Toxic - These colored dry erase markers contain low-odor ink that is AP Certified and safe for both adults and children

Always have enough markers with this bulk set. They‘re perfect for resupplying classrooms, conference rooms, or even for home use. The set includes 5 black, blue, red, and green markers; and 4 pink, purple, light blue, light green, yellow, orange, light brown, and brown markers. These eye-catching colors can be seen across the room, making your marks clear and legible.

The tips are specially designed to allow you to create marks with any part of the nib and at any angle. Make fine lines with the edge, or broad strokes with the side - either way, you‘ll be making dense, striking marks that are easily visible. These markers erase completely clean with any dry cloth or eraser surface, so you‘ll never have to worry about there being any lingering or ghosting marks on your surfaces. They are suitable to use on any smooth, nonporous surfaces including whiteboard surfaces, glass, plastic, and some laminates.

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