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Pack of 14,8 x 10 inch canvas board x 4

  • Product Code: 11129113294
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  • Save Time & Money - Pre-primed with three coats of animal-friendly, acid-free titanium acrylic gesso
  • Perfectly Textured - Smooth, 100% cotton surface with enough grain for the paint to hang from
  • Lightweight & Less Bulky - Portable and ideal for most frame moulding or metal frames
  • Individually Wrapped - Use as needed and safely store the rest

Pre-primed, classic 8"x10" canvas panels in this 14-pack are carefully made to assure you are working on dependable, non-toxic canvases. Each canvas is pre-primed with acrylic gesso and ready to use. These reliable, 100% cotton canvases boast a surface that is smooth, yet grained, in order to better grip your paint.

Perfectly textured canvases are cruelty-free (animal-friendly), acid-free, and non-toxic; making these canvases a brilliant choice for artists of all ages.

Each canvas panel is individually wrapped, making this pack an ideal set to share and/or travel with. Our canvases are lightweight and highly portable. Our non-bulky design also makes these canvas panels easy to frame. Whether you want to use a metal frame or frame moulding, these pre-primed canvases will deliver. Order your 14-pack of 8"x10" gesso primed canvas panels, while supplies last.

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