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Set of 12 liquid chalk pens, white x4

  • Product Code: 1978056769624
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  • Make Eye-Catching Signs - The ideal set to for menu boards, displays, welcome signs & announcements at restaurants, offices, classrooms & home
  • For Work & Play - Add charm to any business board or use for sidewalk games, chalkboard wall stickers & paint
  • Convenient Set - Includes 12 replaceable chisel tips and tweezers for sharp, professional results with every design
  • Dust-Free & Durable - No messy chalk dust to worry about and these markers won't fray or crack with use

Create in style and with ease with this set of 12 white liquid chalk markers. This set of markers comes complete with 12 white odor-free liquid chalk markers, 12 replaceable chisel tips, and tweezers. The liquid chalk markers included in this set are water-based and ideal for non-porous surfaces, such as chalkboards, glass, pavement, cement, and plastics. The dual sided retractable tip offers artists two tips to work with, making it possible to create exquisite detail. This convenient set makes creating for work and play hassle-free and mess-free.

Using our ACMI-Certified non-toxic chalk markers as opposed to regular chalk is better for your body inside and out. With typical chalk, you can easily inhale chalk dust without even realizing it. With our AP-Certified dust-free chalk markers there is no need to worry about inhaling any chalk dust particles while creating. Additionally, you won‘t have to worry about chalk collecting on your arm, hand, clothing, or floor after writing or sketching. Order your set of white liquid chalk markers to make working with chalk safer, dust-free, and overall a more enjoyable experience.

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