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Set of 60 Gel Ink Pen Refill X3

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  • Vivid Color Variety – This refill set includes 60 refills in classic, glitter, metallic, pastel, neon and fluorescent shades
  • Premium Compatibility – Easily refill your pens with this acid-free and non-toxic ink that is compatible with set of 60 gel ink pens
  • Smooth, Flowing Color – The vivid ink allows for smooth-flowing, even color and a ballpoint tip that provides you with precision and superior results
  • Smudge-Free Color – Each ink refill offers long-lasting color and the quick-drying ink does not smear or smudge

gel ink refills feature non-toxic and acid-free, flowing ink that is compatible with Gel Ink Pens set of 60. This Gel Ink Pens Refill set includes: 60 vividly colored gel ink refills in classic, glitter, metallic, pastel, fluorescent, and neon shades. The wide variety of colors and finishes encourages you to really level up your coloring, writing, drawing, illustrating, and doodle game. If your gel pens are skipping, it‘s time to stock up with this set of 60 colorful gel ink pen refills.

The gel ink pen refills included in this versatile set won‘t skip, smudge, smear, or fade over time. The vivacious ink allows for smooth-flowing, even color. The ballpoint tip provides you with superior precision and results. The quick-drying ink in our multi-color gel ink pen refills will inspire you to create and write quicker, without it showing on your page and hand. Order your set of 60 gel ink pen refills today for a splendid writing experience.

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